Willing Property


It’s all about the ride. While a passion for property runs through his veins, Tim Willing has another love that pairs perfectly with his coffee shop side project and the lycra-clad entourage it attracts.

As a former Australian Track Cycling Champion and Institute of Sport WA scholarship holder, Tim has professionally raced road and track competitions around the world dating back to 1987. Along the way he has conquered some extraordinary events winding through the stunning scenery of France, Holland, Belgium and Esperance, from the Sydney to Hefron Park Ride, to Bike Bug 500 and charity rides such as Tour de Freedom.

While his days as an elite cyclist may be over, the passion that pushed him to test his limits still burns bright. Tim is dedicated to growing the sport as a RAPHA Brand Ambassador, and still rides daily. In his own words, it gives him “time to think”. So next time Willing Property unveils another exciting development, chances are it can all be traced back to a pedal-powered light-bulb moment.

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