Willing Property


I/ We acknowledge and agree:

  1. that this form does not constitute a contract for the sale of a lot in the Development (Contract) and does not entitle me/us to any of the usual rights and obligations under a Contract;
  2. that Willing Property (Developer) may revise any aspect of the Development in any manner it sees fit, is not obliged to enter into a Contract with me/us and is not obliged to proceed with the Development at all;
  3. that my/ our contact details above may be provided to the Developer or an agent of the Developer for the purpose of holding the Reservation Deposit; and
  4. the Reservation Deposit will be held by Lavan (Settlement Agency), in a non-interest bearing trust account and:
    1. if a Contract is entered into, will be applied in payment of the deposit payable under that Contract; 
    2. will only be released to me/us on the earlier of the following: 
      1. if I/we request to do so in writing and no Contract has been entered into prior to the request; 
      2. if a Contract has not been entered into within one (1) year from the date of this form; and
      3. if a Contract is not entered into within ten (10) Business Days of the Developer providing me/us with a copy of the proforma sale contract.
  5. Payment details
    The Reservation Deposit is to be paid by Cleared electronic funds transfer. The payment details will be sent through your email once you have filled out the form.


  • Interested party's details

  • Reservation Deposit: $1000