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When we aren’t enhancing the neighbourhoods of Perth… we are indulging our mutual love of fine coffee at one of our small espresso bars. Our bespoke network of espresso bars can be found within the communities we are building. Meeting an unmet local need and serving outstanding coffee, they also provide a genuine connection to the people and places we are building for and within.

After opening midway through last year, Guildford’s Willing Coffee quickly established itself as one of Perth’s top coffee destinations (Broadsheet named it best new coffee bar in 2018 year in review). The venue was built at the base of our Terrace House project.

The espresso bar was inspired by family-run coffee shops established in 1950s Italy. Couples laugh on cosy tables, cyclists sip espressos on bar stools reading finance journals, golden retrievers greet passers-by on the street out front. We imagined a place where people could feel at home, with visitors welcomed by a playful blend of curved lines, stainless steel, marble, mirrors and cycling memorabilia.

We are now repeating the formula with The Deli on the corner of Central Ave and Clifton Crescent in Mount Lawley.

The Willing family has a personal connection to the deli, which dates back to the 1950s, with Tim’s generation growing up on the street.

While Willing Coffee cultivates an Italian feel, there’s a lived-in French aesthetic to The Deli’s interior. In contrast, the exterior retains its Australiana vibe, with local artist Luke O’Donohoe engaged to restore the Peter’s Ice Cream sign facing Central Avenue.

Willing Coffee – Mt Lawley

Instagram: @thedelioncentral

Address: 181 Central Avenue, Mount Lawley

Willing Coffee – Guildford

Instagram: @willingCoffee

Address: 110 Terrace Rd, Guildford WA 6055

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