West – Mt Lawley

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Willing X Klopper & Davis Architects.
Development Approval received.
30 residences
and one shop
Aerial View of the West Apartments Mount Lawley

Designed by acclaimed architects Klopper & Davis and supported by landscape architects CAPA, West is a collection of 30 residences and a ground floor shops. We’re excited to announce that development approval has been unanimously granted for West by the Metro Inner-North Joint Development Assessment Panel (JDAP).

We’re pleased with the recognition from the JDAP of the architectural merit in what will surely be a landmark Mt Lawley development and look forward to bringing West to the market later this year.

Aerial view of the proposed West Apartments in Mount Lawley

The considered use of materials, colours and detailing will create an optimistic, elegantly detailed place to live and visit in one of Perth’s most beautiful neighbourhoods. The ground floor coffee shop, will encourage community interaction in an area presently lacking amenity.

A design that harks back to a time of unbound optimism and joyous discovery while maintaining the modernity and sophistication of all Willing developments. West is an opportunity to capture a piece of design history as it is made and enjoy the benefits of a small established community in this boutique design enclave.

A beautifully crafted building will be a new landmark in Mount Lawley. A capital to the existing community that lives in the secluded enclave, West adds amenity and vibrancy to a calm pocket of homes while still just a short walk to Beaufort Street or a bike ride to the city.

Ornate and beautifully details, West captures everything great about Mount Lawley; strong heritage connection, big beautiful spaces, modern and welcoming with a communal way of connecting and living.

For pre-release opportunities please register your interest by filling out your details below, and a member of the Willing team will be in touch to understand your timings and preferences.

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