Residential property development embraces Mount Lawley’s heritage

Discover the fusion of heritage and innovation in the proposed residential property development on Field Street in Mount Lawley

View of apartment and garden exterior from across the street showing the road and car parked in car bays

Hillam Architects’ design seamlessly blends modern living with the surrounding Federation-era architecture.

Experience the charm of the upcoming residential property development on Field Street in Mount Lawley, Perth. Hillam Architects’ visionary project embraces the surrounding Federation-era architecture while offering contemporary residential homes. Discover the fusion of heritage and innovation that sets this perth property development apart.


Preservation of history and tradition

The 7-9 Field Street development introduces 22 apartments and six townhouses, blending seamlessly with Mount Lawley’s architectural heritage. Griffiths Architects’ heritage impact statement showcases the project’s reinterpreted aesthetic, featuring red brick walls, arched and square openings, and intricate brick detailing. Verandahs constructed with black steel and filigree ironwork beautifully complement the brick facades. The historic charm is preserved, extending the language of traditional houses’ use of brick patterning through playful brick detailing.


A fusion of heritage and innovation

Moreover, the project seamlessly blends heritage with modern amenities. Alongside the stunning heritage-inspired design, residents of Field Street apartments will enjoy an array of contemporary luxuries. The development includes a gymnasium, a serene yoga studio, and a sauna. These modern facilities provide residents with opportunities to maintain an active and healthy lifestyle, creating a perfect balance between tradition and innovation. 

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