Bar Vino and Mata Studio: Nominated for Designers Australia Awards in the ‘Place’ Category

The Designers Australia Awards, organised by the Design Institute of Australia (DIA), are poised to recognise remarkable designers and studios.

Bar Vino Mt Lawley empty restaurant ready for service

Among the notable shortlisted designers in the ‘Place’ category is Mata Design Studio, lauded for their outstanding work on Bar Vino—a project deeply entwined with community bonds.


Honoring Design Excellence

The Designers Australia Awards mark a significant milestone for the Australian design landscape. Facilitated by the DIA, these awards celebrate the cream of the crop among designers and studios. They place equal emphasis on the design process and its tangible outcomes. In 2023, they’ve adopted an innovative entry process, allowing designers to either nominate themselves or be nominated by peers. With three categories—Place, Use, and Interact—these awards transcend conventional boundaries, embracing the ever-evolving world of design.


Crafters of Extraordinary Spaces

Mata Design Studio epitomizes design excellence, specializing in the creation of functional, extraordinary interior and built environments. Their unique approach positions clients’ visions at the forefront, ensuring each project is a distinctive reflection of its purpose and context. What sets them apart is their unwavering commitment to transforming ordinary spaces into extraordinary experiences.


Resurrecting Nostalgia, Fostering Community 

In the ‘Place’ category of the Designers Australia Awards, Mata Design Studio’s exceptional work with Bar Vino is recognised. This neighbourhood hospitality venue is situated below Willing development Clifton & Central and within the walls of an original heritage-listed corner deli—a much loved staple built in the 1950s. The deliberate choice to preserve this corner site was driven by nostalgia, with a vision to forge a space that fosters a profound sense of community and blend seamlessly into the local environment.


A Journey in Design

Bar Vino, shortlisted in the ‘Place’ category at the Designers Australia Awards, stands as a testament to Mata Design Studio’s unwavering dedication to exceptional design. The seamless blend of original heritage design, contemporary styling, and Italian influences has birthed a neighborhood wine bar that transcends time and place. It evokes cherished memories of European travels and offers a distinctive wine and dine experience unique to the area.

If you haven’t already, reserve your table today and be transported to a bygone era, awash with the charm of European influences. 

Bookings are available for groups of 4-8, with walk in tables available for smaller groups or a spontaneous afternoon apperitivo. 


Read more about the Designers Australia Awards here 

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