Local Businesses Call Clifton & Central Home

A cherished Vietnamese deli and dining experience

Clifton & Central, has garnered attention for its award-winning architectural design and its commitment to community integration. One significant aspect of this development is the inclusion of commercial spaces and  7 village shops, which serve a purpose beyond simply catering to residents.

Bowl of Vietnamese noodles with chopsticks and spoon

The introduction of these spaces was inspired by a beloved 1950s deli that holds cherished memories for Tim, who grew up in the neighbourhood and would visit the deli as a child. By transforming the deli into Willing Coffee, Clifton & Central has created a welcoming gathering place for both locals and residents, reviving the vibrant spirit for which Mount Lawley is renowned.

Willing Coffee: Preserving Tradition, Fostering Connection

The success of the deli on Central, now known as Willing Coffee, has been an inspiration to other local businesses that cater to customers in the area. This establishment not only serves as a popular espresso bar during the day but also transforms into Bar Vino, a wine bar that enhances the nightlife scene in Mount Lawley and celebrates more than 150 wines from Italy and the Mediterranean. The popularity of Willing Coffee has paved the way for other local businesses to call Clifton & Central their home, fostering a dynamic and thriving community.


LeeLee Lucky’s: A Journey of Flavors and Heritage

One such flourishing business within Clifton & Central is LeeLee Lucky’s, a cherished Vietnamese deli and dining experience. LeeLee and her dedicated team proudly offer an array of fresh favorites, including the ever popular bánh mì, crispy spring rolls, nourishing beef phở, refreshing summer salads, and rice paper rolls. Each dish is an ode to LeeLee’s mother, who perfected these recipes while selling her creations in a Malaysian refugee camp. Over four decades ago, LeeLee’s parents brought their culinary heritage to Perth, and LeeLee Lucky’s serves as a tribute to their remarkable journey and the treasured memories of home, food, and family.


Indulge in Authentic Delights

LeeLee Lucky’s also presents a selection of beverages that perfectly complement the dining experience. Savor the robust flavors of Vietnamese coffee, enjoy the freshness of their handcrafted juices, or treat yourself to a satisfying shake. Whether you choose to savor the flavors within their welcoming establishment or opt for a convenient takeaway, LeeLee Lucky’s ensures an unforgettable Asian culinary adventure for your palate.


Enjoy a variety of delights at LeeLee Lucky’s from Monday to Saturday 8am – 3pm.

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