Introducing Clifton & Central Apartments: A Blend of Residential Homes and European Living

Discover Clifton & Central Apartments, a unique residential apartment development in Mount Lawley that captures the essence of European living.


Explore the story behind property developer Tim Willing’s vision and his desire to create a vibrant community beyond the challenges of COVID-19.

View from across the street of Clifton & Central with Willing coffee shop cafe on the corner.


In the heart of Mount Lawley, a captivating blend of European living is unfolding. Renowned residential property developer Tim Willing, inspired by cherished childhood memories and an optimistic outlook for post-COVID-19 Perth, is bringing a touch of European charm to this vibrant neighborhood.


Transforming Clifton Street’s Deli into Stylish Residential Apartments


With great enthusiasm, Tim Willing is spearheading the transformation of the former late-1920s deli on Clifton Street and Central Avenue. This exciting project encompasses 15 residential apartments and seven shop fronts, accompanied by a delightful wine bar and the beloved espresso haven, Willing Coffee, owned by Tim and his brother, Dayne Willing.


Breaking Free from the “Sea of Sameness”


The concept of incorporating small businesses like Willing Coffee into the development perfectly aligns with the Willing Group’s philosophy of breaking free from the monotonous norm prevalent across Perth. The Willing brothers’ vision aims to provide a boutique community experience that offers high-quality amenities, evoking a sense of nostalgia among its residents. The location, situated at the corner of Clifton and Central, holds fond memories of the cherished deli that once stood there, making it a recognisable spot for locals.


A Unique Residential Environment Fostering Connections and Joyful Moments


Clifton & Central Apartments aspire to create a one-of-a-kind residential environment that fosters connections and cultivates joyful moments. From the thoughtfully designed apartments to the meticulously curated amenities, residents can expect an unparalleled living experience that encapsulates the essence of European living.

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