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Clifton & Central: a vibrant community hub

We’re thrilled to announce that our latest residential apartment development, Clifton & Central, has been nominated in the WA Architecture Awards. Located on the heart of Mount Lawley and Inglewood, this project initially faced community backlash when it was proposed in 2019, however the innovative collaboration between Willing, MJA Studio and CAPA Studio have transformed it into a vibrant community hub, offering residential homes for sale.

Living area of the Clifton and Central Apartments in Mount Lawley

Supporting Good Design

The team behind Clifton & Central sought to breathe new life into a local centre by creating a mixed-use development. With 15 residential units and seven commercial tenancies, including a Mount Lawley wine bar and coffee shop, the project aimed to revitalise the area. A unique aspect of the design is the expressive brickwork, paying homage to the red-brick homes that define the neighbourhood’s character.

Interior of empty Bar Vino in Mt Lawley ready for service

Encouraging Local Businesses

Clifton & Central deliberately incorporates relatively small commercial spaces to attract local, family-owned businesses, such as the Willing Coffee shop which sits below the apartment development. By encouraging cafes, barbershops, and other establishments, the development fosters a sense of community.

The Power of Local Interaction

By engaging with the community and understanding their needs, developers can create spaces that truly resonate with the people who will call them home.

Read the full article by the West Australian here

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