Willing Property announces $100 million in three new sites

Tim Willing is set to embark on a significant $100 million residential property development in Perth

Photo of Tim Willing in doorway of Willing Coffee.

With a focus on quality and innovation, Willing Property aims to provide thoughtfully designed apartments and townhomes for those transitioning from larger homes.

Mt Lawley-based property developer, Tim Willing, is embarking on a significant construction venture, aiming to develop three new sites in Perth’s inner eastern suburbs. Celebrating its 10th anniversary, Willing Property is expanding its portfolio with these projects, which have a combined value of $100 million.

Expanding Construction Activities

Willing Property has targeted three strategic locations for development: Adair Parade in Coolbinia, West Parade in Mt Lawley, and Lake Street in Perth. Currently, the company has two residential apartment developments in progress in Mt Lawley. Clifton and Central on Central Avenue consists of 15 apartments and seven shops. Additionally, the project at 7 Field Street includes six townhomes and 24 residences.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

With a decade of successful project deliveries, Tim Willing takes pride in Willing Property’s track record. The company is dedicated to identifying untapped market opportunities and introducing innovative living concepts in well-established areas of the Perth Metro area. Their focus lies in catering to individuals who are transitioning from large homes to thoughtfully designed apartments and townhomes.


Confidence in the Perth Market:

Tim Willing maintains a positive outlook on the real estate market in Perth, emphasizing the city’s potential for growth. Despite prevailing challenges, including construction costs nationwide, Willing remains confident in the market’s viability. Perth has experienced a shift in median house prices, but Willing believes the favorable conditions in the city will continue to attract buyers and drive upward momentum in the market.

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