Up close and personal: How a meticulous eye for detail stands Willing residences apart.

What makes an apartment a home? Or a coffee shop embraced as the new neighbourhood go-to?

Bar Vino from the street at night looking in through the window to a large group of people eating nad drinking

If you’ve ever viewed our residences at Clifton & Central, found a cosy corner for dinner at Bar Vino, or ordered a flat white at Willing Coffee Guildford or Mt Lawley, you’ll have already experienced it yourself. It’s hard to place a finger on it. It feels, familiar. Natural. Intuitive. Lived in. Like it’s always been.

That feeling is a signature of Willing, and it doesn’t happen by accident. We build apartments for people to make their home, a safe haven. We treat them like they’re our own, obsessing over all the finer details before, during and after the build, so we capture how the neighbourhood likes to live, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant. You don’t notice it, you feel it.

It’s how it’s used

For us, how a place is used is just as important as its location. We immerse ourselves in the neighbourhood to gain a sense of who lives there, what their interests are, what energises them, their day-to-day movements, even travel habits. The insights we garner inspire us to innovate practical solutions to elevate your everyday. When we noticed you depended heavily on a progressive carless lifestyle, we created spaces to hang bikes inside our apartments to make daily commutes easier and safer. And when you told us that you wanted to share your lifestyle with your fur baby, we incorporated a special pet-bathing area into our design.

It’s what it’s made of

To achieve places that feel like they’ve always been a part of the streetscape takes an understanding and appreciation of local historical context. How does a building add meaning and depth to the local character of the neighbourhood? What were they built from? While some building trends fade over the years, others endure the decades. Willing incorporates classic, timeless materials, like locally sourced brickwork and arches, to ensure our apartments live up to our reputation for unique aesthetics, longevity, and structural sturdiness.

It’s how we make them

Quality materials are only as good as the artisans handling them. Willing residences are meticulously crafted by hand, harnessing traditional building and construction techniques from times gone by to deliver beautiful finishes that respond to their surrounds, from the carpentry to leadlight windows, hand laid artisan brickwork and carved lintels. It’s why our timeless buildings are designed to last hundreds of years, to be handed down from generation to generation.

It’s who we choose to work with

When it comes to collaborations, we’re extremely careful. Tim Willing is drawn to like-minded, clever and dynamic people who share his belief in breaking the mould for how to do things. It starts with the architects we collaborate with, working with award winning studios who believe in celebrating warm, welcoming and liveable buildings, meticulously considered and artfully composed. And it goes right down to the owner-operators we select to take care of our street level shops, ensuring they are as passionate and invested in the community as we are.

It’s the experiences we create

Nothing escapes our attention to ensure we create the right mood for the moment. We think about all of the small details that make such a large difference, from the atmosphere that lighting creates in your home to the subtle fragrance of our display homes, right down to the signature coffee we meticulously prepare, to ensure a unique, thoughtful experience for each Willing client.

To experience Willing’s unrivalled attention to detail, explore our portfolio, drop into one of our coffee shops and bars, or visit our display suite at No.7 Field St, open weekends from 11am – 12pm at 1/80 Walcott St, Mt Lawley.

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