WA Today: Perth’s best restaurants and bars of 2023

Perth’s Top New Dining Gems of 2023: Insights from Rob Broadfield


Rob Broadfield, Perth’s foremost restaurant critic and food aficionado, has meticulously curated an exhilarating compilation of the city’s most captivating new dining destinations for 2023.

Exterior of Willing Coffee and Bar Vino in Mount Lawley

Spanning from cherished local neighborhood gems to refined gastro pubs and innovative distilleries, this list promises an enticing culinary journey.


Bar Vino: A Vibrant Italian Escape in Mount Lawley


Discover the lively charm of Italy right in the heart of Mount Lawley at Bar Vino, create by residential property developer Tim Willing to complement his Clifton & Central apartments which sit above this popular neighbourhood spot.

Rob Broadfield’s pick resonates with the bustling spirit of inner-city Milan. As you step into the inviting atmosphere, the energy of the place envelops you, reminiscent of a cozy European bistro. The closely arranged tables foster an intimate dining experience, creating an ambiance that’s both vibrant and lively. At Bar Vino, the balance between warmth and professionalism shines through. The attentive staff ensures you’re treated like a cherished guest while enjoying the precision and quality of a top-tier dining establishment.


Dive into a culinary journey 


Indulge in the stracciatella, a tantalizing blend of citrus, chili, and pistachio. For an authentic taste of Milan, savor the risotto alla Milanese featuring tender beef cheek. Don’t miss their generously portioned cotoletta for a hearty and satisfying option. Pair your meal with an extensive selection of wines that perfectly complement the flavors. Bar Vino’s curated wine list is a testament to their dedication to creating a holistic dining experience.



Immerse yourself in the vibrant Italian ambiance, relish the delectable flavors, and make sure to secure your reservation here.

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