Willing Coffee in Guildford, By Ohlo Studio

Willing Coffee in Guildford, By Ohlo Studio 


Where Nostalgia Meets Contemporary Design: A Blend of 1950s Cycling Aesthetics and Classic Italian Cafés

View of interior of a cafe overlooking a glass cabinet with baked goods.

Collaborating with Ohlo Studio

When Tim and Veronique Willing approached Ohlo Studio to design their first outpost for the renowned Willing Coffee brand, situated below their first apartment development in Perth, they had an extraordinary vision in mind. Inspired by the Italian cafes of the 1950s, the design aimed to blend their love for cycling and coffee. Situated just 13km from Perth CBD in the suburb of Guildford, known for its heritage buildings and charming cafes, the launch of Willing Coffee Guildford became an instant hit among locals and regular visitors alike.


Embracing Nostalgia and Vintage Cycling Aesthetic

Ohlo Studio meticulously crafted the design of Willing Coffee, delving into 1950s and 1960s designs while drawing inspiration from the vintage cycling aesthetic. The aim was to create a space that seamlessly combined mechanical equipment’s graceful curves and fluidity with a softer, more feminine touch. The design team employed stainless steel counters, striking red Persian stone, and glossy red cabinets that cleverly reflected light, casting an inviting glow throughout the café. Curves played a prominent role, highlighted by a large European oak shelf, stocked with an array of up-to-date international papers and journals, offering the perfect accompaniment to an espresso or a signature Willing Coffee batch brew.


Signature Blends, International Beans and More

Willing Coffee in Guildford transcends the realm of a traditional café; it stands as a testament to the shared passion for cycling and coffee held by Tim and Veronique Willing. With an array of locally and internationally sourced coffee beans, the finest Moccamaster coffee machines, and a selection of Willing branded cycling apparel, this establishment offers an experience like no other. Located below the Guildford Terrace House apartments, Willing Coffee welcomes visitors daily from 6:30 AM to 4 PM.


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