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Introducing Local Cycling Star: Cassia Boglio

Photo of Local Cycling Star Cassia Boglio holding coffee at Willing Coffee in Mount Lawley

We are thrilled to introduce a  partnership that supports empowers local cycling athlete, Cassia Boglio. This sponsorship is the start of Willing’s aims to foster emerging athletic potential within our close-knit community, propelling Cassia and future aspirational athletes towards their sporting dreams.


A Rising Star from Perth, Western Australia


Emerging as a homegrown talent from the vibrant city of Perth, Western Australia, Cassia Boglio, at just 22 years of age, is quickly become a well know name in the world of elite cycling.  Having previously tasted success in ITU triathlons, including representing Australia on the elite junior national team in 2019, she was inspired to make the transition into cycling during the Covid-19 pandemic.


The Gravel Racing Focus


Looking ahead, Cassia’s aspirations are set on international off-road events, beginning in 2024. Cassia loves the hard, hilly landscape and long rides suit as well as the culture which is often associated with the gravel racing scene.  2024 is set to be a big year for Cassia, with time planned in Europe for the UCI Gravel World Series events and other signifigant gravel races, with the ultimate goal of being selected for the Lifetime Grand Prix in the United States (for which only 35 women are selected each year).


Fostering Local Talent


This journey is support by Willing, with the hope that this will not only allow Cassia to achieve her goals in the coming year, but also nurture other sporting talent and achievement in the local community.

This partnership holds special significance due to the rich cycling legacy of Tim Willing,  A talented cyclist in his own right. As a former Australian Track Cycling Champion and esteemed recipient of the Institute of Sport WA scholarship, Tim’s passion has propelled him across the global road and track competitions since 1987. His competitive cycling journey included a tenure in France and Holland from 1989 to 1992, solidifying his contribution to the sport. Tim remains an enduring supporter of Perth’s cycling community and is a familiar figure among the local Mount Lawley cyclists, he and fellow enthusiasts often gather at Willing Coffee, a favored haunt among cyclists and locals alike.


Keep a watchful eye as Cassia pedals her way to success, exciting times lie ahead!

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